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Finally! I have made it to my blog site, after months of only having 7 hours of childcare a week and not having the time to focus on anything but my children (I know as it should be) I am finally able to start and update my blog!

In a nutshell these blog posts will be a bit of everything- a bit about me (get the boring stuff out of the way, interesting articles on psychic awareness, vlogs, all things spiritual and little hints and tips on how to get yourself started on your own spiritual journey, because everyone has to start somewhere.

Over the past few months I have been running around like a headless chicken getting my psychic business off the ground, there has been a lot of highs and a few lows but I feel like I’m really onto something. For years I drifted between jobs, check-in at the airport, various degrees and diplomas, nursery nursing, supervisor of a successful business (well until the government cottoned on that they were paying too much out per kW generated by solar panels), customer service advisor, I have even worked in a call centre selling time share. None of these things held my interest for too long. I was always wondering if there was something better, something more fulfilling, something a bit less “commercial” for me to do.

I met the love of my life (as you do) and had two children in quick succession, after realising that working for other people was really not for me and being able to talk to spirit since I was 3 I decided to make a go of being a psychic medium and oh my what a roller coaster it has been!

I still remember my first psychic party, stood on a lady’s step with my Aldi bag full of goodies (tarot and recording equipment- I still have that bag, I use it for shopping now though, not carrying around a laptop) absolutely bricking myself, calling upon whoever would listen that they better bloody well get on with it and send me some pretty fantastic messages tonight otherwise I was going to have serious words with them later. I would refer to the person I was talking to as my late grandfather- because I really believed at the time all my messages where coming from him (they weren’t but more on that epiphany in another post). Anyway I went in the house with a throat as dry as Ghandi’s flip-flop and wanting to run away as fast as my legs would carry me, back to the bosom of my little family where nobody would judge me. But I didn’t. I unpacked my stuff and I got on with it because I was there for a reason. I was there to bring closure, I was there to help connect the living with the past and I was there in a way to offer comfort and understanding to those that had lost their loved ones or just needed a spiritual kick up the backside. Every person I met that night were all very complimentary about their readings (I mean I’m not going to tell you that I sometimes get it wrong am I? Course I am, but not yet) and I felt that after all this time, at the grand old age of 30, I had found my niche and what I should be doing in life.

Suddenly I was doing fairs, which I thought would be out of my reach for at least a couple of years, I had to find a picture of myself for their websites where I wasn’t covered in baby sick, or looking like I’d been steamrolled by a bus. I chose a picture where I was at my most happiest (before I met the love of my life) in Lisbon with one of my best friends (she’s in Aussie land now and has her own love of her life- her dog…..and of course her other half). It’s probably one of the only pictures of myself where my nose also doesn’t look overly massive. People who know where the picture was taken always ask me if I should have a more professional one done, maybe I should, but every time I see that picture (below) I hear Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry and I’m whisked back to the smell of incense on the streets and pina coladas. I’m in my happy place.



Find your happy place! Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to find a picture of you where you are at your most happiest (feel free to comment with it below) and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Because looking at that picture will stimulate memories and give you a boost of happiness even if you’re feeling pretty pants.

Eventually everyone gets their moment to follow their true path, whether they’re 15, 30 or 56 and I want you to be with me on mine- warts and all!

Parting words? – Do what feels good.




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