Make a Wish

So I was sat in bed this morning- as usual, with a brew in my hand, made by my better half and I got hit in the head with an oracle card.

It had somehow become unpinned from my vision board. Before I go into what was on the oracle card I want to talk a bit about vision boards. As anyone who knows me personally, I will try anything once. I have always been a bit apprehensive and slightly critical of a vision board. I’ll even go as far to say I found them (in the past) to be quite “woo”. But one day after reading an article in Psychologies it kind of changed my mind a bit. Sports stars use them, Katy Perry used one and most people who have used them have said only positive things about them.

So what do they do? It’s a work-in-process, you’ll stick stuff up, you’ll take stuff down. Images, quotes, dreams you want to achieve, I even have an antique key on mine (metaphorically unlocking the door to achievements). You are meant to make it as eye pleasing as you like so that it attracts your attention everyday and gives you focus on what your ambitions are in life. There are some incredible ones on pinterest. I have to have mine on a picture hook right out of the way of my kids and I probably didn’t get as much time as I would’ve liked to for that reason also. It’s hard to do any sort of Arts & Crafts with little kids, you all end up covered in glue, sellotape, bits of card and the glitter, that stuff can hang around for weeks, even years! River is at a stage where everything that isn’t nailed to the floor is his, Poppy just always wants to “help” aka takes twice as long and looks nothing like you wanted it to. I decided to save my sanity, I’d do it one evening when the kids had gone to bed. I sat and cut out bits of quotes, pictures I liked, I even used Scrabble letters. I placed “the stuff”  in aesthetically pleasing places on my vision board and then had a root around in my Oracle cards and decided to stick a few up that had profound messages for me. Now usually when I’m using Oracle cards I tend to shuffle them, pull out three and then see what’s going on in my life. This time I pretty much just flicked through them and read the quote underneath and pinned them up. This was about a month ago, I hadn’t been near the board since so for one of the cards to just plonk itself on my head this morning was quite unusual. This was the one (Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Artwork by Josephine Wall):


In the book it says:

As a child you may have been encouraged as a child to make a wish. As you blew the seed blossoms from the stem, they would be carried on the wind so your wish could be fulfilled. This card is a gentle reminder to set clear intentions about what you wish for in your life. You are being asked what you would like. At this moment, anything is possible. If you were given one wish, what would you wish for? Trust that your wish will be granted at the most opportune time and in the manner that supports you in the fullest”

I have taken this message as a swift kick up the backside. Stop dreaming about putting my intentions out there and just do it! Most people will know (and I don’t want to teach anyone to suck eggs here) that if you put out positive affirmations and positive thoughts into the universe you get positive things back. If you’re having a really rubbish day and everything is going wrong- washing machine’s broke, you stood in dog poo (not your own dog), the cafe had ran out of your favourite cake- the first thing you will likely do is offload onto some poor unsuspecting person, I know because I’ve done it. You whinge and gripe about the trials and tribulations about how life isn’t fair and you’re having a “bad day”. As soon as you put into the universe that you’re having a bad day, it latches onto that thought and has a little think to itself, usually along the lines of “well if she/he is investing that much time into the bad day then she/he must want more of it”. Have you ever noticed when you’re having a really crap day it just seems to get even worse? This is why! Stop giving negative thoughts your energy and use positive language instead. Replace “what ifs” with “I will”, “I can’t” with “I can” and try and start as many positive affirmations with “I am”.

Leaving thought “My actions and words are supported and remembered by the universe; my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes.


Your task (if you choose to accept it) make your own vision board and start turning your dreams into a reality.

fullsizerender-1Original (with the unshuffled chosen card on it)

fullsizerender-3Vision Board Take 2- with adjustments and properly shuffled cards (which funnily enough have more meaning than the unshufffled ones ;))


Peace in Love and Light x


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  1. Well, I’m sat in bed full of a cold and feeling sorry for myself, I’ve not stopped running around for weeks, I’m shattered, I usually start my day with a positive affirmation, to end it swearing my head off.
    Thankyou so much for this Leigh, today I will start my day creating a positive wish board

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