Spiritual Journals, what they are and why you need one!


Everybody, in this day and age, either does vlogs, podcasts, blogs, you name it, we’re doing it! And for good reason, it’s a quick and efficient way of recording the exact thoughts and feelings we are having right now, in this moment; and sharing them with the world.

Spiritual Journals, in my opinion, are just for you. Your own personal little mind wanderings, your dreams, your goals, your success and sometimes your failings -this one is really important and I will reveal all during the post.

I started mine about 6 weeks ago, ideally it should’ve been started 16 years ago. I’ve never wanted to write my own thoughts down, I always thought it was self-indulgent. Plus, I didn’t want to flick through a book 10 years down the line and read something that would make me cringe and blush from my neck upwards.

So, what changed? Well I kept seeing things, by things I mean signs, in the form of a Robin. I wondered why I was being followed by this little bird which would pop up in the strangest of places. I had one follow me for the entire woodland walk I went on about a month ago. I was trying to take his picture, as proof because everyone likes proof, right? I mean let’s face it with my job I get asked to “prove it” all the time, prove that you can see my dead aunt from 1656 But the little guy kept hiding behind leaves every time I got my phone out to take his picture. He was either clearly camera shy or he was encouraging me to put my phone away and enjoy where I was instead of having to photograph every single experience. I like to think it was the latter. Plenty of people don’t ever fully immerse themselves in an experience anymore, instead they want to share everything with the world around them, even with people they’ve never met. I am not photogenic, I hate it when I’m having a nice time and someone whips out their phone to take a picture. It puts me on edge and makes me feel all anxious and meh.

Back to Mr. Robin, he started appearing in dreams, there was always one in the garden when I was putting the kids in the car. I probably looked mental to my neighbours but I would always say hello. In the end I researched Robin as a Spirit Guide. Now Spirit Guides come in and out all the time, they can change weekly, monthly, yearly or you may have one that sticks with you the entire time. There are certain guides for certain things but again that would be another topic of discussion. I researched what Robin meant and started writing it down in a book, pictured below- which was lovingly hand painted by one of my friends for Christmas and I LOVE IT! I found that Robins were trying to show me the following:

  • Transformation (true because I was thinking of different ways to read rather than just sticking with tarot.
  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Renewal
  • Bringing new growth into your life
  • Learning how to spring forward
  • Bright future plus loads more

This then showed me that those were the things I needed to be more focused on and putting my energy into. So, for four weeks I researched, I explored, I started to transform the way I worked, I allowed thoughts to flow in and out and picked up on the ones that would make a difference. All the time the Robin was still there reminding me to keep going.

One evening just as I was dropping off to sleep I was approached by a very tall blonde lady (I’m talking at least 7 feet) who didn’t say anything but motioned that she wanted me to follow her. I didn’t feel scared or apprehensive so I did so. She led me into a pure white room with a table in the centre. On top of the table was, what can only be described as a pure white shoe box. She pointed downwards into the shoe box because she wanted me to look into it. As I bent over I saw in the box a dead robin. Now people sometimes gasp in horror when I relay this story back to them. However, I see closure through death. The only way my mind could comprehend the fact that I had achieved something was for that thing to “die”. Therefore, I wasn’t sad when I saw the dead robin either, in fact I was pretty elated because now it’s “what’s next?”. On coming out of the dream I then saw a hummingbird. I’m currently working my way through what this animal is trying to teach me now, writing my experiences down along the way.

Spirit Journals can be used for a variety of reasons, it could be to note down experiences in meditation, symbols you see, things you hear, experiences you have that you may not be able to explain at the time. These things I currently jot down. I feel a spirit journal encompasses the lot rather than having separate books for different things. I find it easier to have everything in one place and I just date it so I can refer to it as and when I need to.

It’s also important to note down things that don’t work for you either, experiences that haven’t gone to plan so that you can reflect on these and change them where necessary so they don’t happen again.

Mine is a small brown notebook. Yours could be on the computer, it could be a bundle of white paper folded in half, it may have things stuck in it that you find (feathers, flowers, stones, seeds etc.) what it doesn’t need to be is some sort of elaborate tome, it’s the quality of what’s inside that’s important, not how pretty it looks on the outside.

When I run my courses the first thing I talk about is a spiritual journal, you are starting out on a very exciting journey and it needs to be recorded, even just to look back over in a few years’ time and look how far you’ve come and where you’re going to next.


Start your journey, feel empowered and happy journaling!





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