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Welcome to the official website of Psychic Medium Leigh Rebekha

As a psychic medium I use my spirit guides to connect with passed loved ones to give messages to those left behind. I am also very passionate about the use of psychometry and I am able to get a lot of spiritual information from a mundane everyday object such as a ring, necklace or even car keys, by picking up the energies within that item.

Leigh Rebekha

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I offer many different services so as to accomodate clients. I also offer mobile/ telephone appointments. I am fully qualified and insured to perform any of the services I provide.

Please contact by email or telephone to discuss availability and costs.

  • Tarot readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Psychic Parties / Tarot Parties
  • Psychic Self Development Courses
  • Psychic Suppers
  • Psychic Evenings
  • One to one readings
  • Telephone & Skype readings

I make my own aromatherapy blends as a qualified aromatherapist and sell them to the general public. I can advise on certain ailments or concerns you may have.

The Magician as represented in the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Development Courses

Psychic Development Awareness Course

Weekend course

I believe everyone to have their own personal psychic capabilities, it is up to you to enhance them.

Interested in how you can enhance your psychic abilities? Wanting to add to your spiritual knowledge?

Then enquire about my weekend courses. These courses run at various times of the year and involve.

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Opening and closing of the third eye
  • The foundations of psychometry
  • Meeting your spirit guides through meditation
  • Techniques and skills of psychometry
  • Different types of psychometry - from ribbon reading to photographs and much more inbetween!
  • A well-being approach to all things psychic

So bring your yoga mat, a comfy cushion and you’re good to go!

Course Price: £110

Split payments available, contact me for info

To find out more please Contact me

Courses until stated otherwise are held at:

Healthy Spirit

37 Barlow Moor Road


M20 6TW


Thank you for my reading Leigh.very accurate and detailed,you really do have a gift! Would recommend that anyone who feels they are in need of some clarity/direction in their life,come and see you! Xx


My reading from Leigh was a pivotal point in my life. I have never had one before and was apprehensive at first. I had no need to be. Leigh is extremely professional, experienced and truly gifted. I immediately felt relaxed by her presence. She was very accurate in her reading and has helped me to not only regain a focus on my life but also to give me a deeper meaning to my personal goals. I highly recommend Leigh and will definitely be seeking her guidance in the future. Thank you Leigh, I am truly grateful and am happy I chose you for my reading.


I would just like to than Leigh, for a wonderful reading on Friday night. The information was completely accurate and true, with excellent guidance as well. Very good evidence and knowledge that I did not confirm until the end of the reading. I would recommend Leigh Rebekha to everyone. Blessings.


Thank you so much for my reading I found it was really helpful and on point with everything that you told me I will be booking again in 12 months xx


I've just had a wonderful reading from Leigh Rebekha, she was spot on with everything! I'm now feeling ready to face up to some tough decisions that have been bothering me for months, with confidence. My Nan also came through for me and I feel quite emotional now! Its good to know she is around me. Thank you so much. I will definitely come back again in the future xxx


Due to some questions that I had in my head in relation to going forwards with my life, I thought I would have my cards read. So yesterday Leigh Rebekha managed to find me a slot for a reading. All my questions were answered, leaving me focused on the path ahead. Thank you Leigh.


My tarot card reading with Leigh was excellent. She asked to hold a personal itemto help her connect with spirit and I gave her a ring which she held throughout. As I was shuffling the cards she gave me a very clear message from spirit. The message turned out to be very important and if I hadn't acted upon it, I fear the situation that spirit eluded to would have been much worse. The reading was accurate and validated and I would not hesitate to have a reading from Leigh in the future.

Sylvia Collins

Accurate reading by a lovely lady with a gentle calming soul. Thank you for putting some issues into perspective for me.

Helen Foxglove

Thank you so much for my reading and it gave me a few things to think about in the near future. I will definitely be returning in the future, I can highly recommend this lovely lady.

Lulu Emery

Thanks for my reading, it was very accurate and gave me a few things to think about.

Christine Evans

Thank you for the reading. Absolutely spot on, it meant so much to me. Words can never express how grateful I am for what you said. )O(

Vicki Heap

Fab reading, uncannily accurate about my present circumstances.


Thank you so very much for this reading, which was accurate in many places, and especially wonderful to be given the roses by my friend!

Kit Berry (Author)

Had an amazing night I had a psychic reading done by Leigh (tarot party) and she was spot on with everything and gave me a lot of closure on things and new chapters in life thank you


My Journey

From a very early age I have had a deep connection with spirit and have heard and seen things not of this earth. One night at the age of 3 years old, my mum had put me to bed and she could hear me chatting away in my bedroom. Thinking I was just playing with toys she ignored me the first time. However as she listened more in the evenings, she realised I was having and following a conversation with someone. Finally after about a week or so of this going on she came into my bedroom and asked who I was speaking to. My reply was "The old lady in the rocking chair, can't you see her mummy? She's smiling at you".

As I got older my connection with spirit grew stronger, I was also having very vivid dreams about world catastrophes which would happen one to two weeks later. I found this quite frightening and tried my best to block it out. My most vivid dreams would always fall on a full moon and I would regularly sleep walk as well during these periods. Since having my children the night visions and sleep walking has calmed down but I now get more visions and hear spirit more during the day.

I have been a practising Pagan for 15 years, this has also allowed me to develop my psychic abilities and personal development in this field. For many years I have worked in a lot of different fields from catering and hospitality to being in a high pressurised sales position. None of the work has ever given me the passion and satisfaction that working with spirit gives me.

After having my first child I quickly became pregnant with my second and so did not work in between. This gave me the chance to reassess what I wanted to do for a job, after doing three mediumship courses and pursuing holistic therapy courses, I am now successfully self employed and looking forward to a bright future.